Black Grimoire Odyssey Races

A Black Grimoire Odyssey character.

Looking for a complete list of Black Grimoire Odyssey races? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I round up all of the different races you can unlock. I’ll also include the chance you have to unlock each of them, and everything else you need to know. If a new race arrives at a later date, I’ll update this guide.

Black Grimoire Odyssey is a Roblox RPG that sees you exploring a wide variety of dungeons in the name of loot. As you progress, increasing your level and improving your gear, you can take on even more challenging content to get even better gear. And so the cycle repeats.

You can grab Black Grimoire Odyssey on Roblox. I’ve also put together a Black Grimoire Odyssey class tier list for those that need help with that too.

Black Grimoire Odyssey Races

Now, let’s take a look at a complete list of Black Grimoire Odyssey races.

  • Human – 30%
  • Demi-Human – 20%
  • Canine – 17.5%
  • Feline – 17.5%
  • Goblin – 16%
  • Orc – 14%
  • Aquatic – 12%
  • Mushroom – 11%
  • Slime – 10%
  • Dragon – 2%
  • Dwarf – 10%
  • Giant – 9%
  • Elf – 8%
  • Dark Elf – 8%
  • Undead – 6%
  • Fairy – 4%
  • Dryad – 4%
  • Demon – 1%

What Are the Differences Between the Races?

There are two different key changes between each of the races:

  • Visual effects
  • Stat bonuses

Each race will appear different from another. Humans look like traditional Roblox characters, for example, while a Dwarf will appear much smaller. Which race is best aesthetically is completely subjective, and up to you to decide.

As for the stat bonuses, each race gets a boost in a number of key areas, including:

  • Health
  • XP gain
  • Mana regen rate
  • Mana
  • Jump Power
  • Walk Speed

Determining which race is best in terms of stats is both objective (in that some races just have far superior stats) and subjective (in that you may value one stat over another).

How do I Change Race?

When you load up Black Grimoire Odyssey, you can roll the following aspects of your character:

  • Race
  • Class
  • Style
  • Animations

That means, at any point in the game, you can tweak the above aspects of your character. However, you do need to purchase a reroll item from the in-game store, and that costs Robux.

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