The Best Android Adventure Games

Time was, adventure games all looked pretty much alike. There were text adventures, and then a new generation of text adventures with better graphics, and then point-and-click adventures like Monkey Island and Broken Sword.

But the genre has exploded since the invention of the smartphone, shooting off in so many different directions that we’re not even sure what an adventure game is anymore. This list covers all the bases, from cutting-edge narrative experiments to chilling political allegories.

The game follows a senior photography student as she finds out she has the ability to reverse and change time. The game has an episodic structure where you control your interactions with other characters, providing a truly immersive experience.

Layton: Unwound Future

One of the absolutely beloved series of puzzlers, Unwound Future is the third installment. It follows the plucky Professor as he receives a letter, apparently from his assistant Luke ten years into the future! This leads into a time-hopping adventure, filled with puzzles.


Oxenfree is a spooky and atmospheric adventure game that takes place on a crumbling island once host to a military base. A strange rift causes even stranger entities to bleed into the fabric of the island, and how you react, and treat those around you, will make a big impact on how events play out.


A few bronze coloured robots stand ontop of a scrap pile, looking onwards towards the camera, with a waste of a world in the background.

A gorgeous tale of lonely robots in a weird, wordless future.

You play as a robot who’s been exiled to the scrap-heap, and you must solve puzzles, collect items, and build yourself up in order to find your way back to the city. Your robot-girlfriend awaits your rescue.

You’ve probably already played Machinarium by now, but if you haven’t then you should definitely pick it up. Alternatively, try out any of Amanita Design’s other games.

Thimbleweed Park

The poster for Thimbleweed Park. The image features a man and women investigating a dead body. Evening light is shining coldly on their backs, as their faces and the forest that they stand in are darkened.

If you’re looking for your next murder investigation while pretending you’re in an episode of the X-Files, then you’ve arrived at your destination. Thimbleweed Park is a graphic adventure game set in a small town full of characterful locals. Each one has their own unique personality, and the game will reveal this to you as you investigate them, one by one. On top of this classic graphic adventure format sits a dark-humoured tone – what’s not to love?


A poster for the Android game "Overboard!" The picture features the main protagonist infront of a group of other characters from the game. Infront of the small group of characters is the graphics "Overboard! Get Away With Murder".

An interesting premise for a game – can you get away with murdering your husband? Overboard! puts you in the shoes of a woman who has just pushed her other half off a boat, and now has to interact with the passengers and pass off as innocent.

As the game is quite difficult, you probably won’t be able to at first. However, with more playthroughs of the game, you’ll soon be accquianted with how best to deceive your fellow passengers.

The White Door

A screenshot from the game "The White Door". The screen is split into two halves, vertically. On the left hand-side of the screen, a man is in a room that contains a bed, toilet, table, a few tables, and some chairs. The man stands by the bathroom mirror. On the right hand-side of the screen, the man appears to be brushing his teeth in the mirror - this is a closer shot than the previous one.

The White Door is a psychological mystery adventure game that follows a man who wakes up in a mental health institute. His main problem: he can’t remember anything about how he got there or how long he’s been there.

As you progress further into the game you’ll figure out why you’re there. A point-and-click style mechanic is how you play the game, and you’ll move the game forward by figuring out and sticking to your daily routine.

Want something a little more fast-paced? Check out our best Android action games feature.

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