Author: Alex Rennie


The next Pokemon GO update will add a Buddy system for easier leveling

Niantic has been working on the next update for their Pokemon GO game, and the update when it arrives will make leveling up a bit easier thanks to the new Buddy system they are planning to add to the game. The last update brought the Appraisal system, which basically has the leader of your faction informing you whether or not a particular Pokemon you are getting appraised is good or if it sucks.


Nvidia’s gaming-on-demand service called GRID is now known as GeForce Now. Subscription service launches tomorrow.

If you own an Nvidia Shield branded device then you have probably at one point or another at least tried Nvidia GRID, which is the company’s cloud-based gaming-on-demand service. This is where Shield device owners can play PC or console games on their Shield device, without having to install them since it is through the cloud. Basically it is OnLive but better since it actually works well on mobile devices.