Solaria is a Gorgeous Upcoming Diablo-Like With a Gacha Character System

A knight attacking in Solaria.

Ever wondered what an indie gacha game would look like? Well, you’re about to find out when Solaria launches properly on mobile.

It plays a lot like Diablo and Torchlight, with hack-and-slash-style combat. You have a basic attack, and three further skills you can use.

There’s also a button to change between a variety of different characters in combat, which is a first for a game of this type on mobile.

How Does Solaris Play?

In the only gameplay sequence we’ve seen so far, the player swapped between a fire-blasting Wizard to a Crusader-like character.

It was a pretty nifty decision when used against a horde of characters. The player chucked out a firestorm, raining down an inferno on enemies, before wading in with a great sword.

Visually, it’s a very good looking game too, with cel-shaded 3D charactrs, impressive skill effects, and environments that look like they were ripped right out of a Tales of game.

Can I Play Solaris Now?

Solaria is currently seeking play testers, though sadly only on iOS. The developer did state on r/gachagaming that an Android version is in the works though.

We just have no idea when it will arrive though. All we know is that it will arrive ‘soon’ with a caveat ‘hopefully’.

What we do know is that the development team are huge fans of gacha games, and plan to add a wide variety of heroes as the game progresses.

I’m on Android, What Do I Do?

Well, don’t panic. You can still play Diablo Immortal or Torchlight Infinite. Neither of these games are gacha idle games, but they will keep you busy while you wait for Solaria to launch.

Alternatively, keep an eye out on our best new Android games this week feature. We update this weekly, and you might find something else that you want to play.

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