Pirate Boom Boom – The Game They Forgot To Colour In!

Black and white title screen of pirate boom boom with the playable pirate character perched atop a canon on the left hand side

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, and no your device isn’t bugging out. Pirate Boom Boom is the all-new game that dared to be different with its black-and-white gameplay. 

Set Sail!

Pirate Boom Boom brings a vintage feel to the Play Store with its monochromatic aesthetic, which pleasantly reminds me of the Cuphead game series. Being intrigued by their choice of style was what led me to choose Pirate Boom Boom for today’s news. That, and of course who doesn’t love the antics of pirates?

Each character and animation within the game was hand-drawn, which gives this game an incredibly distinctive art style. You set sail on this unique adventure with a fixed-position shooter which drives home the retro-arcade vibe of older games that are rarely available for Apps now.

New To Being A Pirate? Here’s What You Do

Despite the simplicity of the Pirate Boom Boom, there’s enough substance to make this game ideal for casual gamers, commutes, or downtime play. With gameplay akin to the iconic arcade style, you tackle waves (get it?) of other ships, such as Ghost Ships, Kamikazes, and The Pirate Armada Fleet, with the aim of upgrading your own vessel. During this, you will discover bonus levels, and climb the mast… Erm, no I meant the leaderboards.

There are also upgrades for you to strive for in the game, giving Pirate Boom Boom a bit more filling, with talents, artifacts, and special items. Displayed on a weathered sheet of paper, you can track your current upgrades for your boat, cannon, and crow. That’s not all, as certain perks will also customise your pirate whilst providing battle benefits, giving you a sense of uniqueness versus other players across the ocean.

You’ve Found The Treasure!

Ahoy there! Don’t forget to actually check out the game for yourself, which you can do Here. If you’re looking for something more immersive don’t walk the plank just yet, as Pirate Boom Boom has also announced a Story Mode coming soon, which pairs nicely as a counterpart to the current Arcade mode, especially if you waste no time blasting cannons through the current 1-99 levels to play!

What’s a pirates favourite letter?

C! And you can “C” more upcoming games that we have chatted about here too such as Refind Self, which is a pleasing visual game about discovering who you are.

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