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Real World Prizes and Exclusive Content in the Lords Mobile x Armored Combat Worldwide Collab Event 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, inside a bunker, inside a bigger bunker, at the bottom of the sea, there’s probably not much we can tell you about Lords Mobile.

IGG’s sprawling strategy MMO is one of the biggest mobile (and PC) games on the planet thanks not only to its slick, accessible, ever-evolving gameplay but to a succession of perfectly pitched crossover events. 

The latest Lords Mobile collab is upon us, and it looks like an absolute blast. 

Between September 1st and November 12th IGG is running a huge Lords Mobile x Armored Combat Worldwide (ACW) event, bringing real and fantasy armed combat together for the first time. 

In case you don’t already know, ACW is a popular sports league that involves competitors fighting in full suits of armor armed with medieval weapons. It couldn’t be a better fit for Lords Mobile. 

The Lords Mobile x ACW event basically sees the legendary warriors of the ACW flooding into Athena to create havoc. 

In practice, that means daily login rewards, unique monsters, exclusive items, and so much more.

There’s a lot going in on the Lords Mobile x ACW event, so we’ll get right down to it. 

The ACW Ultimate Armor Challenge lets you complete quests to accumulate attack chances on behalf of your side. At the end of each round you get a share of the treasure that your violence has shaken loose. 

Plus, there are additional rewards based on the amount of damage you deal – and these rewards can be pretty hefty.

Make it into the top 100 and you’ll put yourself in the running not only for a vast bounty of in-game items, but also for an iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB, an iPad Pro 11” Wi-Fi 256GB, and a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

Plus, there are exclusive Guild frames and a free Armored Knight avatar to obtain by visiting the event shop and completing daily quests. 

The Lords Mobile x ACW event is taking things offline, too, with huge 150 vs. 150 battles involving teams named after Lords Mobile guilds, and the chance to win tickets to a real-life event. 

Download Lords Mobile for free on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Steam to get the ball rolling. You can also grab the standalone PC version from the official website.

You can read more about the event on the official Lords Mobile Facebook page.

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